These sessions are designed for those players that are currently playing at the OCAA, CIS, NCAA or Professional levels. We reserve the right to be selective with those that we train in these sessions. Playing at this level requires a certain dedication and if the players are not willing to work towards getting where they need to be, if they are not willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable then we don’t want to train them.

These sessions are held between April and September every year. We host players from across the World in our home gym in Niagara Region and we also travel to different countries to train specific players for a set amount of time. The programing is specific and designed to improve certain characteristics of the game. We focus on basketball and Athletic Development while discussing the importance of healthy mind and body.

Our team is trusted by those that play in the best conferences and top leagues around the World. We work closely with agencies as well as individuals that represent themselves.

If training with our team is something that you are willing to commit to please email your player resume, video and specific areas you wish to improve. Your request will be evaluated and we will reply to you within 24 hours.