We are strong believers in the fact that a player cannot perform within a team setting to the best of their ability unless a large amount of dedication and effort is put into Individual Development. At No Limit Performance we embrace traditional ideas and continue to create and implement new ones.

We’re experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our field. The sessions are not designed to be comfortable. The training is demanding and there are no shortcuts to getting better. We will break down athletes physically and psychologically. Individual athletes will push themselves harder and risk more alongside those they trust and that is why we’re dedicated to choosing only clients who have the ability to adapt to our philosophy and push themselves. No Limit Performance is selective but NOT exclusive. We are definitely not closed to those that want to get better and will work with

ALL levels of ability, as we ask only one thing of the athlete and that is to give 100% all of the time.

All sessions are 1 hour long. The first session is a testing session where we test all of the players abilities in order to be able to construct/design a plan for improvement based on skill level. The most important thing that gets tested during the first session is the HEART and WILLINGNESS to work and listen. If we find a players listens and is willing to work his/her heart out, then we will continue. If a player does not meet those requirements then we do not continue as it is impossible for someone to improve if they only put in a “standard” effort. Another deciding factor in the continuation of the sessions, is if the player likes our program, philosophy and trainer.

Assuming that all of the above points are met with success, (skill being the absolute last – as it’s our job to improve the player) then we continue. The sessions are designed to improve the specific player. It is expected that a player works his/her individual skill on their own in between sessions. If a player does not work on his/her game in between sessions, it will be noticeable and extremely evident. This will result in us asking the player to not return as it is a waste of time and money for all parties involved.

Individual Training Sessions are conducted by our knowledgeable staff.

Individual Session Pricing

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