In the summer of 2008, Mihai Raducanu, the founder of No Limit Performance, began training a local grade seven (7) kid in his driveway. The kid, Zak Bickell, got better. Then his friends, Nick Green and Luke Fast wanted to get better. They showed up, worked and also got better. And slowly more and more ballers in the Niagara area wanted to put in the extra work on the court in order to take their games to the next level.

The work ethic required to attend these workouts was and still is to this day the most important part of the process. Those that show up understand that “hard work” is just the price of admission, what follows inside the gym is where you earn it.

As players were getting better more and more people wanted to workout with Mihai and his staff. No Limit Performance is focused on developing players at all levels, from the Professional Level down by training basketball players on a one on one level with the belief that “one hour a day makes them better”, a phrase Mihai took and harnessed from his University coach and mentor, Pete Strickland.

No Limit Performance Basketball is part of a Division of Ganon Baker Basketball and a top performer as a member. Mihai played for Ganon Baker at Coastal Carolina and considers Ganon one of his influential mentors. No Limit Performance heavily utilizes Mihai and his extensive experience working with some of the best basketball instructors in the world, including Ganon Baker, Mark Walton, Tony Bennett, Pete Strickland, Bob Hurley Sr. and top European coaches to form a unique skill development curriculum.

No Limit Performance incorporates skill development focused on the fundamentals with advanced game reads. This combination allows players to build up form, speed then contact for a seamless transition from practice to game implementation.

No Limit Performance currently works with many Professional, College, Elite High School players and Grassroots developmental players in our facility located in Niagara Region, Canada.

No Limit Performance also holds workouts for numerous programs and players in Canada, United States, Europe and other parts of the World.