It has been a very busy summer for No Limit Performance Basketball as we continue to impact lives through the game of basketball in local communities as well as outside of the communities and World wide.

We know that you have been following closely on social media what we have been up to but wanted to give you all a quick recap of everything that we have done this past summer. We are looking forward to helping you grow on and off the court this upcoming season.

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  1. Over 60 players got after it during Individual Sessions
  2. Sunday Skill Development Sessions continue to be a staple
  3. Mike Hurley making moves
  4. No Limit Performance in Europe
  5. City of St. Catharines Partnership

[ps2id id=’indi’ target=”/]Over 60 players got after it during Individual Sessions 

Our summer crew of trainers were Clinton Springer  , Aleks Miljenovic , Courtney Kilyk and Micayla Drysdale. The crew of trainers were in the gym all summer long in the Niagara Region getting a variety of ballers ready for the upcoming season. Some players worked out daily, some bi-weekly, some on their own and others wanted to work in a group setting. We were able to accommodate all of their needs and get them all better. We are excited to see all of these players back on the court with their teams this upcoming season and in the gym with us to continue the process of getting better. If you are interested in getting some skill development work on top of your team practices please email


[ps2id id=’sunday’ target=”/]Sunday Skill Development Sessions continue to be a staple

The Sunday Sessions started in the summer of 2012 actually on a Wednesday but immediately shifted to Sunday’s in order to be more accommodating to the weekly schedule of those involved in travel basketball and the demanding academic schedule. This summer Sunday Sessions were run in collaboration with Pelham Panthers Basketball Club as well as Niagara College and we were able to offer over 160 players that participated a state of the art facility. We also formed a partnership with Niagara Regional Police and ProAction Niagara which provided 18 local high school players the opportunity to receive a scholarship in order to attend the sessions. Additionally, we gained some new but wise trainers for these sessions. Andrew and Phil Mosley bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our staff and we are happy that they can dedicate their time to help our players grow. Sunday Sessions will start on October 22, 2017. Click this link for registration and details


[ps2id id=’mike’ target=”/]Mike Hurley making moves

Mike has been in the lead with No Limit Performance since day one in 2008 as a co-founder. He has helped shape our program and more often than not has been the voice of reason for Mihai over the past nine (9) years. Mike represented No Limit Performance this summer in Huntsville, Ontario where he ran a Skill Development camp and got players better as described in this article. Mike has always played an integral role in the Niagara Region when it comes to basketball and beside his duties with No Limit Performance he is also the Vice President of Pelham Panthers Basketball Club and recently named the Head Coach for Niagara College Knights Men’s Basketball Team. We are beyond pumped for Mike Hurley and his ongoing growth as a leading basketball voice in the Niagara Region.


[ps2id id=’europe’ target=”/]No Limit Performance in Europe

Mihai Raducanu and Brittany MacFarlane spent four (4) weeks in Kaunas, Lithuania training over 250 players ranging from grassroots to the professional ranks. Over 200 hours were spent on the court with these players amongst which were members of the Women’s and Men’s Lithuanian National Teams (various age groups) as well as players from 11 different countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, China and the United States). The camp was organized by UBE Talent , a company that helps young players enter the high school system in the USA. Several No Limit players have utilized their services over the years. Have a look at some incredible highlights from the camp in this amazing video created by the talented Reece Fisher  

UBE Talent Camp 2017 [Final Video]

It's been a week since UBE Talent Camp 2017 ended and it's time to reflect on it. What an unbelievable month of July - 4 weeks, 4 sessions, over 200 players from 11 different countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, China and the United States)! The level of talent, the commitment to hard work, the attention to detail and the effort to push each other to get better was at its highest level! We are proud to say that this has been the most successful camp in our 4 years, but we will not stop here. We want to thank everyone who attended, wish everybody luck in their upcoming seasons and we look forward to seeing everyone back next summer! Let's keep working! #UBETalentCamp2017 #Kaunas #Lithuania

Posted by UBE Talent on Monday, August 7, 2017

[ps2id id=’stcath’ target=”/]City of St. Catharines Partnership

Over the summer months No Limit Performance continued its partnership with the City of St. Catharines Recreation Department. We are helping them build physical literacy awareness within a community that is recognized by Canadian Sport 4 Life as one of the top 10 municipalities in Canada for the advocacy of children’s physical literacy. This program is directed by the talented No Limit Performance Youth Director, Genille Kroeker , who has been able to employ several of our high school ballers in this growing program. If you are looking to gain a part time position in this program please email with your inquiry.

School has started and tryouts are around the corner for your teams.

Make sure that you continue to grow as on and off the court. Personal development is a process that happens daily not in one day.

The No Limit Crew