Every single day I want to get better at something. This is what I do and this is how I teach those that decide they want to learn from me and our very knowledgeable staff at No Limit Performance.

My passion is to help others but I realized a long time ago that it’s impossible for me to do that if I don’t invest time in my own personal and professional development.

I have learned from fantastic mentors along the way that the best way to contribute to anyone else’s life is by continuously investing in my own personal development. I figured that if I continue to get better, get stronger, become wiser through constant learning I will be able to be that much more capable of helping my kids, the basketball players and all athletes and humans I come in contact with daily.

I believe that all those involved in the coaching/education field should follow this philosophy in their life.

If we as coaches are just “average” and “single dimensional” then those that we come in contact with will turn out the same.  However if we develop ourselves constantly the we become more valuable to those around us and those we come in contact with.

You must continue to refine your character and your reputation will begin to precede you. People will want to learn from you and those around you as long as you continue to work on your own personal growth.

I believe in development and it’s why I teach it every single day.

If our team at No Limit Performance can help you with any of your knowledge growth please don’t hesitate to email courtney@nolimitperformance.ca with an inquiry.

Have a look at how we help people get better in our facility every day.